It brings me great pleasure to serve the students and the community of the Dollarway School District. As a citizen who was born and raised in this city my roots are here and my heart is here.

The Dollarway School District has been through many changes and turbulent times, but I plan to be a stabilizing force who puts student outcomes above all else. The road ahead will be long but the journey will be a rewarding one! This district has great potential and this community loves its children dearly. So, with the appropriate systems in place, consistent leadership, and renewed effort and focus on what matters most--our children--we can make great gains.

Our next steps will include stakeholder feedback and input as well as strengthening and developing more effective communication systems. I fully understand how crucial it will be to our success that we hear from and communicate more frequently and clearly with our entire learning community. It will take all of us to improve.

It will also take some time to get where we want to be. The old adage 'Rome wasn't built in a day" very much applies in our case. However, with the committed support of our many partners and better use of the precious moments we have with our students we will start the journey to success immediately.

I pledge to work hard every day and to do my very best for the children of the Dollarway School District and to lead the administrators, teachers, and staff to do the same because our children deserve it.

With great faith and hope for Dollarway's future,

Barbara J. Warren,