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Welcome to the Title I Parent & Family Resource Center for the Dollarway School District, where we not only focus on your student’s success, but we also help to meet the needs of parents and families as well. We want parents and families to understand that our district is more than just a place to send your children to learn, but it’s also a place where parents and families can come to access resources that lend to the success of the whole family.

We are here to help you become an even more involved and engaged parent because you are the most important person in your child’s life no matter what their age! As President Barack Obama said, “In the end, there is no program or policy that can substitute for a parent. Responsibility for our children’s education must begin at home.” See flyer below that highlights some of the resources we offer and click here to view our Upcoming Events & Parent Resources page. Feel free to contact us should you have questions. Thanks for visiting!